If you'd like to make a donation, please print this page to include with your donation.  You can make your check payable to the Altrusa International of Longview-Kelso Foundation, Inc., indicate any preference for how your money will be spent and send your check to:

Altrusa International of Longview-Kelso Foundation, Inc.
c/o Dr. Peggy Gurrad
P.O. Box 1354
Longview, WA  98632

Your cancelled check should serve as a receipt if your donation is less than $250.  If you send $250 or more with one check, we’ll send you a written receipt, as required by the IRS.  We can also send you a receipt for donations of less than $250 if requested.  If you send more than $250 over the period of a year but each individual check is less than $250 you are not required to have a written receipt.  If we meet a donation goal for a particular project, your donation will be used to fill the greatest need.

Please include the following information:

Enclosed is $                             

For our planning purposes please indicate if you would like to send this (or other) amount:

      Monthly       Quarterly       Yearly       One Time
 I would like this money to go toward:
      General Fund, will be used wherever most needed (clothing, equipment, furniture, bedding, toys)
      Foster Care Fund (not a specific child)
      I would like to sponsor Foster Care for an assigned child in the Jiangxi Province.
       Any particular orphanage? (please specify)                                                                                  
      Hugging Grannies; Any orphanage preference?                                                                            
      Schooling or Vocational Training Tuitions
      Books for Kids
      General Medical Fund (surgeries, braces, immunizations, medicines, etc.)
      A Specific Orphanage Request (please specify)                                                                            
Your Name:                                                                                                       
Address 1:                                                                                                         
Address 2:                                                                                                         
City:                                                State:                                         Zip:                                           
Country:                                            Phone:                                      
E-mail Address: